Thursday, January 12, 2012

A 4th "F": Food

I am thinking of adding a fourth "F" to the title of this blog of "Food".  A little less than five years ago,  I began having daily headaches and intestinal pains.  For ten months I was unable to figure out what was wrong, even though I consulted a doctor at least once during that time period.  Finally, after crying my eyes out more than once, I again went to my doctor and she suggested eliminating wheat products and dairy to see if that made a difference.  Bingo!  I was severely intolerant to gluten products.  Since then I have discovered (mainly through elimination diets) additional intolerances to soy, corn, sunflower, dairy,  and chocolate.
When my friends and acquaintances learn about this, the most common response is "I could never give up bread!".  That would most likely have been my response as well, before starting this five year journey.  However, the Lord has shown me many blessings as a result of this "hardship".  I

Blessings from the Lord due to Food Intolerances:

1.  Food is no longer my God.    Daily, I have to depend on God to supply my needs instead of filling up the hole in my heart with chocolate, candy or other unhealthy snacks from the vending machine.  Between 2 and 4 pm I would normally take a trip to the vending machines at work and fill up on cookies, or a candy bar or chips plus a diet Coke.  :-) (You know the food calories don't count when you eat them with a diet Coke!)  Once I had discovered the majority of these intolerances, there was quite literally nothing the machines that I could safely eat.
   This snacking was not normally because I was truly hungry, because I had eaten lunch only a few hours ago.  Instead, the sugar,  caffeine,  and high carbs in these snacks served to give me a false energy boost and my low point in the day.  Since then, I have learned that God is what is truly need to fill up my body and my spirit.  The junk food took me away from my true need instead of leading me towards Him.  Because there are so few junk and snack foods I can eat, it takes more work to find something I can eat.  This gives me time to pause and reflect whether there is a true physical hunger or if it is a spiritual hunger instead.  If it is a spiritual need, as it often is, then I pray for the Holy Spirit to fill me, instead of Snackwells.  When my body does need food, I have learned to be prepared with healthy snacks around me instead of junk food.

Future posts will discuss more blessings, including what I have learned about healthy nutrition.

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  1. Good post. Good to be prepared and know it is coming. Also good to know that God is truly your strength.