Thursday, March 17, 2011

Organization how to: Differences with Your Spouse

Now you may have figured out how to organize your mail, but perhaps your husband or wife is not fully on board.  How can you deal with this situation?  First, talk about this together.  Perhaps he will be willing to be more organized, but does not know how or maybe he would be happy for you to be responsible for one aspect.

Second, develop specific areas with container for your different stuff.  Have a box for mail for each person in the family.  Set aside a basket by your spouse's favorite chair and put his reading materials there.  If possible set aside separate desks for each person, or at least separate drawers.  Then each of you can be as organized as you like within your own space.

We currently have a number of small pieces of paper on this desk by our phone.  I had Doug go through to throw away what was not needed.  Then we logged the needed phone numbers, e-mails and other information in a notebook by the phone.  Instant organization!

This may take a while, but try to work on one small area or project at a time.

To help ensure marital harmony, don't throw anything away of your spouse's without asking permission first!

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