Monday, March 7, 2011

30 day Challenge Push Goal

This is precious picture of Katte with "Baby" when she was about 3 1/2. rhw don't stay little for long!

I have had a goal to write on this blog on a regular basis for probably a year and a half. And I have not been successful so far in keeping it:-(

Hopefully this is a new leaf I have turning over! My friend Mila introduced me to a web site the 30 Day Challenge by Chalene Johnson. Here is link to her web site. This is a method to get you motivated and in the habit of accomplishing whatever goal or goals that you set for your life. I am on day five and so far it is good. she has you first start by listing your priorities for your life. then the next day you are to list ten specific goals that you have. I will have to re-set this list once a week for four weeks without looking at the previous list. The theory is that your REAL goals will show over time. Then you are to set a "Push Goal", which is the one that will enable many of the others to be accomplished if you achieve this one.

My "Push Goal" is to write on this blog at least 3 days per week. Some of my other goals include to use my God-given skills for His glory, to help other people, and to grow and maintain relationships with others. I think accomplishing the blogging will help with all of these.
It should also be a good journal of my relationship with God and others.

I have notes for quite a few posts, so stay tuned!

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