Thursday, May 7, 2009


Last week Doug and I were in Columbia Falls, Montana near Glacier Mountain Park. The Rocky Mountains are just incredibly huge and beautiful. However the weather was very COLD. the high most days was around 40 degrees with 20 mile an hour winds. At this same time in Aiken the highs were in the 80s, so I was missing my SC heat. I am a true Southerner when it comes to the weather! However, it was great seeing a totally different part of the country. The pucture above was a view near our condo. We were located on a golf course, which Doug get to play on Thursday.

We saw all kinds of animals including deer (many), buffaloes, a bald eagle, many cute gophers, and pronghorns. Here are a couple of shots.

The beauty of God's creation is just incredible! I had never seen so many multicolored rocks all together! My friend Darlene says its because of the glacier moving rocks through the ice and then melting. That's not a technical term. I am no scientist!

Sorry this post does not look great. This is my first use of pictures in the blog and I didnot get the formatting exactly right.

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